Crape Myrtle adds distinct beauty to Duncan

Duncan_Curb appeal seems to be all the buzz lately.  Everyone is asking how they can make their home or business look more appealing, including the City of Duncan.

Duncan is pulling out all the stops to add the title "Crape Myrtle Capital of Oklahoma" to their name.  Less than a year ago a group of people in Duncan got together and formed "Dream Duncan's Destiny".  Their goal is to make Duncan a healthier, more attractive and safer place to live.  And one way they are executing this goal is with a beatification project with Crepe Myrtles.

What exactly is curb appeal, you may ask?  Well, it's the aesthetic charm of a home, business or place and, in Duncan's case, Carolyn Rodgers thinks Crepe Myrtles are the ticket to the city's curb appeal.  "They're a very beloved plant in our community and they do so well in Duncan," said Rodgers.

Carolyn Rodgers is a real estate agent who doesn't need to be sold on how important it is to attract business and families to a community with a charming appearance.  "I realize how important the looks of your community is," she said.  "It will attract people and it will have lots of curb appeal it needs to look good."

Lyle Roggow, President of Duncan's Economic Development agrees.  "It's an exciting opportunity for us," he says.  "One nice thing is Crape Myrtles bloom for about 120 days in this part of the country."

A warning about this ravishing tree, though.  It's important to choose the right one.  There is a wide variety of this tree and if you're not careful, it can outgrow its home.

Senator Anthony Sykes and Representative Dennis Johnson have authorized the "Crape Myrtle Bill".  It should pass when the first session of the legislature starts back up this fall.