Stephens County land dispute

Stephens County_A Stephens County man says the recent flooding was bad enough, but that's nothing compared to the mess the county left on his land afterward.  Robert Knight lives just northeast of Marlow and says he called the county to clear out a bar ditch to keep it from overflowing and flooding his property.  He says they did the work, but left his property worse.

Knight says the bar ditch that runs in front of his property wasn't deep enough and debris from the recent flooding caused the water to run off and onto his property.  He says historically this ditch always fills and even overflows when it rains.  Until now, they've just lived with it.  But, with the recent non-stop rains, it's overflowing.

So, Knight called the county to come and clear out the debris to help it flow downstream instead of onto his property.  The county, while removing a tree blocking the flow, hit a water main.  The water washed out his driveway and ruined other parts of his property and now, the driveway's to his house and his children's homes are impossible to drive on.

Knight is asking the county to fix it.  He says it's their fault and that they didn't properly finish the work.  "I want them to fill it with dirt," said Knight.  But, County Road Foreman Jim Wooten says he's not allowed to fix the holes on private property.  Knight offered to finish the work if the county would just dump some dirt on his property but the county still insists it is not lawful for them to do so.

So,  Knight is still waiting for 3 driveways to be fixed, the county's tree remnants to be removed and his ditches still need dirt.  He says that if he doesn't get his property filled and leveled, he'll just have to dig into his pockets and get it fixed himself.

Although the county says it plans on completing the work on the bar ditch, they say it might be a while.  There are other higher priority jobs at the moment.

We'll let you know what happens.