Cricket Invasion

Lawton_You may not notice it yet, but soon, the crickets will be out in full force.  They usually  hop up around nightfall and our long stretch of rain has made matters even worse.  They grow in numbers daily thanks to Mother Nature's string of non-stop showers.

You may even see them as soon as you step out your front door; a blanket of black field crickets.  This species is common to Oklahoma and we may be used to summertime crickets-but certainly not this many.

According to Marty New, an OSU Extension educator, the population is thriving.  "This year is out of the ordinary," New said.  "But, it's due to the extreme amount of moisture we had early in the summer and then with the prolonged dry we had in the last month and a half, that's caused the crickets to occur."

Expect the invasion to peak in August and September, but take the number you're used to - and double it, because that's what we're going to get.  Don't expect these pests to go away anytime soon.  As long as it's warm and damp, they'll be around.

It's hard to get rid of them, but New says the best thing you can do is use any insect spray or bomb.  Use the spray around the baseboards of your house and seal up any openings in your windows or door thresholds to keep them from coming inside.  And, if possible, keep your lights off.  Although they hide out during the day, crickets are attracted to bright lights.