Altus arson suspects apprehended

Altus_Two weeks ago, arsonists hit Southeast Altus and now the suspected culprits are behind bars.  The two accused fire bugs were arrested on a different charge altogether and now, Chad Coffield and Brian Gordon face three counts of arson and one count of concealing and transporting stolen property.

A stolen four-wheeler gave the two away.  A quick thinking highway patrolman saw the missing ATV, pulled the truck over and called the sheriff's office.  "One of them is incarcerated right now in the Greer County jail and the other one is incarcerated here in Jackson County," said Jackson County Sheriff Roger Levick.

The four-wheeler theft that got them caught occurred on the same night as one of the arsons, July 15.  So, Sheriff Levick questioned them about the fires, and they confessed.  Gordon is being held on a $30,000 bond and Coffield $50,000.  They each face three counts of arson, each of which holds a possible $20,000 fine and up to 25 years in prison.  The sheriff says he is pleased with how the officers worked together on the case.

What makes this story even more humorous is that they stole the four-wheeler from the head of the District 3 Drug Task Force, Bob Carder.