Tax free shopping weekend has arrived

Lawton_Get out your wallet and get ready to save!  The tax fee weekend has officially kicked off and Oklahoma shoppers are out in full force tonight taking advantage of the State's first ever sales tax holiday.

By mid-afternoon, some stores had already doubled their normal sales for the day and that was before most people even got off of work.  Businesses expect Saturday and Sunday to be even busier.  But, with any sale, you're always going to find your die-hard bargain hunters who want the first pick at the merchandise.  So be prepared for a crowd.

Shoppers may only be saving about eighty cents on the dollar spent, but that's enough for most people.  The reactions on the street range from happier shopping moods, excitement about shopping for back to school and confusion (some didn't even know about it).

So, what are shoppers going to do with their extra savings?  That's the question.

You can check out the list of exactly what is tax free: