Lawton celebrates centennial

The City of Lawton is 106 years old.  A big birthday called for a big party and the sky was filled with fireworks once night fell.  Organizers say they went all out this year to please the local crowd out at Elmer Thomas Park.  Earlier in the day the city had a little help from the Lawton Rangers. Their annual parade made the move to Elmer Thomas Park for the first time ever.

After the parade lots of people gathered for free food, entertainment and a of course the fireworks.  Everyone seemed to love the new location for Lawton's birthday.  What's unique about this year is that its also Lawton's celebration for Oklahoma's Centennial as well.  Lots of people came out early to claim a spot in what little shade they could find.  But, before you knew it it was time for the Lawton Ranger parade to began.

Sharon Cheatwood says the City of Lawton has been planning this for the past two years. Cheatwood says it s nice to see all the people coming in with chairs and bringing the little ones.  "I hope they will remember this because our life expectancy is growing so maybe a 100 years from now these kiddos will say I remember when," she said.  She says today is just one way everyone can come together.

After the parade the kiddo's had lots to do.  Many of them started with the turtle races, fishing games, and even a land run for the youngsters. Meanwhile, one family's favorite sighting for the day was the zorse.  Yes, that right a zorse.  It s half zebra half horse.  "I thought it was awesome i have never seen anything like it they called it a zorse i have never seen anything like it."

After the parade everyone enjoyed free food and headed towards the stage for some entertainment.  The 77th Army Band kicked off their show, and their were square dancers, and the grand finale of fireworks.  Lawton city officials say they're happy with Saturday's turn out and they look forward to many more at Elmer Thomas Park.

Happy Birthday Lawton!