Rash of car and residence burglaries may be linked

Comanche County investigators are closing in on a burglary ring that hit a neighborhood west of Lawton.  So far, one arrest has been made and at least 5 houses have been hit.  Sheriff Kenny Stradley says he believes it's possible that these burglaries could be connected to a rash of car burglaries that happened two months ago in another west Lawton neighborhood.

Investigators confiscated a lot of stolen goods found in hiding places after neighborhood residents complained of missing items from their homes.  Items as large as big screen TVs and as small as jewelry were taken by the thieves and stashed.

Sheriff Stradley says since the homes were in the same area and the crimes happened around the same time, they feel that they are dealing with the same culprits.  In fact, one witness believed they spied the getaway car with the same big screen TV piled in back that police are now holding as evidence.  The report has led to an arrest.

Stradley has an individual in custody but declined to name the person.  However, we do know that he was nabbed in Lawton about a week ago on 11th Street.  He had a widescreen TV in the back and the sheriff was led to believe that there were others involved after the suspect tried to abandon the loaded truck.  He called someone to pick him up but was caught trying to leave the scene.  The getaway car has not been seen since.

The investigation is ongoing.  If you have had property stolen and believe you have been a victim of these particular crimes; or if you think you may have information in relation to the burglaries, call the Sheriff's Department right away.