Curbside trash could pose a health threat

Lawton_A possible health hazard was reported in a Lawton neighborhood.  A concerned neighbor reported that someone left some diabetic needles exposed and out in the open.  It appears that whoever left them in there intended for the trash crews to pick them up along with the rest of the trash.  Residents say their hazardous waste and the problem is that the trash crews left them there.

Now, the residents are worried kids will get a hold of them.  According to neighbors, the family who used to live there recently moved out and when they left, they put their trash on the curb.  Well, the trash ended up scattered outside of the trash bin.

Joe Eduvigen lives across the street and tried to be a good neighbor by gathering up the loose trash.  That's when he noticed the needles.  They're small and diabetics prick their fingers with them to test their blood.  Some of the needles were new, but some seemed used.  Eduvigen became alarmed.  He assumed the trash crew would pick them up when they disposed of the trash that was in the can itself.  But they didn't.

"We've got neighbors with little kids.  There's toys in there, so naturally children's, curiosity is going to take them over there," Eduvigen says.  He went to the city with his concerns but was faced with obstacles.  The city says it has to go through a process; starting with a violation notice.  The owner has 10 days to remove the trash.  Attempts to contact the owner were unsuccessful.

If the owner doesn't clean up the mess, the city will hire a crew and send a $150 bill and attach a fine that could reach up to $500.