Lawton schools getting ready for the fall

Students are getting ready to hit the ground running.  And so are Lawton Public Schools.  The students are enrolling all this week but so far, school officials don't know how much the student population has increased, but they are preparing schools across town for the surge.  A bond issue passed in 2004 gave the school system $30 million for improvements.

Lawton High School has completed their improvements -- and another five schools are finishing up their projects -- just in time for the new school year to begin.  Most of the improvements at schools around town can't be seen when you drop your kids off in front.  But once your students get inside -- they will definitely notice the difference.

"Many of the issues that we're spending our bond funds on, which were approved a couple years ago, have to do with roof repairs, changing over to central air and central heat, those type of things," said Lawton Public Schools Superintendant Barry Beauchamp. "So you won't always see any aesthetic change, but you will see a significant difference in the climate of the building. And certainly with roof repairs, the dryness of the building."

And some schools will get face-lifts too.  "There should be some differences in almost every building," Beauchamp said.  "However, there will be more where some of the more major projects were done."  And after two years: "Well the major project for the fall of course is at Eisenhower High School, and that's construction of 20 new classrooms.  They will accommodate the freshmen that are moving up from Eisenhower Junior High as we make our middle school conversion."

Here's some of the improvements students will be looking forward to:

Lawton High School

  • Library integrated into "Media Center"
  • Old library reconstructed into new classrooms to accommodate more students

Eisenhower High School

  • Extension classroom complete
  • Courtyard impovement
  • New cafeteria seating 600 (capacity up by 250)
  • Cafeteria reconstructed to new classrooms

MacArthur High School

  • 13 new exterior doors adding disabilty access and better security

Pre K school "The Learning Tree"

  • Central air conditioning

Pat Henry & Hugh Bish

  • New Roofs

Congratulations, students, on starting a new school year.