Duncan lake concessions hope to open Labor Day

Duncan_Some of the lakes in the City of Duncan have taken a huge hit this year and it wasn't just from Mother Nature sending floods.  The city has four lakes:  Clear Creek, Duncan, Humphreys and Fuqua Way.

Both Humphreys and Clear Creek's concession store have been sitting vacant for a few months.  Scott Vaughn, City of Duncan Public Works Director says that both lakes are known for their good restaurants and a lot of people used to drive out just to have dinner there.

And, if the city isn't careful, even their bathrooms could end up going to the birds - literally, the cranes seem to want to take over.  So, with no food, beverages or a bathroom the lakes could be left abandoned for the summer.

Once Duncan's City Council approves the new contracts for the concessions, it should get the lakes up and running again as a proper recreation area - bathrooms and all.  Lake goers say it just can't happen soon enough; they're shooting for Labor Day.

Vaughn says he believes Labor Day weekend will ignite business again and that there will be a great turnout.  "Well we want folks to know that the lakes are open there open 24-7," he said.  "It is going to be hot so its a great chance to come take a dip in the water and enjoy yourself."