Wildlife Refuge trip turns deadly

Lawton_Jacqueline Sheppard, 66, was killed Thursday morning while riding with her family in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  It happened on Highway 49 near Jed Johnson Lake.  It was a one vehicle accident and right now, Oklahoma Highway Patrol doesn't know exactly what caused the vehicle to go off the road.

There were fishing poles and an ice cooler in the back, so it looked like a family outing to enjoy the summer at the Wildlife Refuge.  But it ended in tragedy.  "Apparently the vehicle kind of didn't maneuver the curve properly and got off on the right hand edge of the road a little bit," said Deputy Refuge Manager Ralph Bryant.  He says that's when the vehicle over corrected and drove over onto the left hand side of the road.

OHP and medical personnel arrived after the driver lost control of the car and rolled.  They used CPR to try and resuscitate the person, but were not able to save the woman.

"Don't know if they were distracted by something here on the refuge, could have been a buffalo off to the side or something," said Bryant.  But for some reason they didn't make the curve and then over corrected to get back on the highway and crossed it on the other side."

The other adult, Charles Goodall, 59, is still in the hospital, but listed in good condition.  The two children have been released with minor injuries.  The Refuge says this is the first fatal accident they've seen in at least ten years.