Lawton's new City Hall

Lawton_Last week Lawton Public Schools handed the keys of the old Lawton High School over to the city.  This week, intense construction has begun as they erect steel beams to create a glass atrium in the courtyard which will become the new glass entrance to the building.

The City of Lawton wanted to have the atrium completed by this fall, in time for Lawton's Centennial Celebration, but all of the flooding this spring left the ground saturated.  So, Mother Nature delayed construction for about two months.  But now, construction crews are out working in the summer heat to complete Phase I; the new atrium.

Also in Phase I are the building's new beautiful windows, chosen to keep the classic feel of the building since it's on the "National Historic Register" -- which means the city has to keep the building as close as possible to how it originally looked in 1910.  They're also creating colonial style awnings over the double door entrances.

Phase II will include a auditorium and conference center inside the building. If the city gets enough money, both phases can be run concurrently.

If all goes according to plan, the city says the building should be completed and fully operational by 2010.