Nathen Trueblood charity garage sale

Lawton_A young Lawton boy is dying of cancer and needs help.  The little boy is only 23 months old and was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with stage four Neuroblastoma Cancer - a cancer of the nervous system.  This form of cancer is made up of solid tumors in the form of a lump or mass.  It commonly begins in one of the adrenal glands, though it can also develop in nerve tissues in the neck, check, abdomen or pelvis.

At first, Nathen Trueblood's parents thought the child seemed uncomfortable because he was teething, but then, they noticed a limp.  Eventually he stopped walking all together and just wanted to crawl.  It was then that they were concerned enough to rush Nathen to the hospital.

Chris Trueblood, Nathen's father says this cancer affects one in 100,000 kids and no one knows the cause of the illness.  Little Nathen lost his hair this week from chemotherapy and Friday his father shaved his head in solidarity, "I will be bald until he gets his hair back" he said.

Due to this unforeseen illness, the Trueblood's are going through difficult times.  Nathen's mother quit her job to be with him at the Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City.

Now, in the true spirit of community, Chris' sister and members of the First Assembly of God have organized a benefit garage sale so that everyone can come together to support the family.  This weekend event will help raise money to pay for some of Nathen's medical bills.  "I knew they were going to do a garage sale but I didn't know anything like this," said Chris.  Members of the Church have donated lots of items for this garage sale, the word was spread through the church and word of mouth.

Chris is thankful.  He told 7News that this was beyond his wildest dreams and, "I know my sons a fighter so I know he will get through this."  He also wants to let everyone who can't make it to the garage sale, this weekend, that you can still help.  If you have O Negative blood, they really need donations for Nathen, he's already had four blood transfusions.

  • If you would like to donate to Nathen Trueblood by shopping at the garage sale, it's located at 6505 NW Elm and will be happening tomorrow from 8am-2pm.
  • If you would like to make a financial donation to help with medical costs, a tragedy fund has been opened at Arvest Bank.  Ask for "Donations for Nathen Trueblood."
  • If you would like to donate O Negative blood, go to the Oklahoma Blood Institute and tell them you want to credit Nathen Trueblood's account.