First ever "Western" filmed in Oklahoma

Oklahoma_You can now own the first Western movie ever made and believe it or not, it was filmed right in the area of Cache, OK around 1907.  It's called "The Bank Robbery" and the great Comanche Chief, Quanah Parker even has a walk on role.  Ironically, convicted robber, turned lawyer, Al Jennings of Lawton, plays the bank robber.

You can also purchase the movie "The Wolf Hunt".  President Theodore Roosevelt personally asked for this film to be made.  It shows off the skill of Jack Abernathy, one of the famed Abernathy Brothers of Frederick; he would catch live coyotes with his bare hands.

Both of these old films are on one DVD and the Southwestern Oklahoma Historical society has added narration, music and historical facts to enrich the noteworthy flicks.  So, if you want to own this piece of history, the DVD is for sale for $20 at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge visitor's center and the Museum of the Great Plains.