BRAC to effect motorists

Lawton/Ft. Sill_Big changes are coming to Ft. Sill next week and they're going to affect Lawton.  The post is getting ready for major growth, thanks to BRAC.  It's going to be a lot harder to get onto Ft. Sill if you use the gate at Ft. Sill Blvd.  Inbound traffic will have just one lane available, because of construction.  All the other lanes will be used for construction traffic.  It's a solution that post officials were forced to come up with because the roads weren't built to withstand large amounts of heavy traffic.

The new Air Defense Artillery Center & School is moving from Ft. Bliss to Ft. Sill and it will take a lot of work to transform the site into an air defense weapons school; one of the reasons there will be a 250 foot temporary detour for incoming traffic at the Ft. Sill Blvd. gate.

"Currently construction traffic enters through Apache Gate and has to travel all the way across Fort Sill.  One of the things we looked at was how can we get them to the construction site, which is really north of Thomas road and west of Fort Sill Boulevard without tearing up the road and to protect the people?" said Ft. Sill Installation Engineer Burl Ragland.

Their best answer was to modify Ft. Sill Blvd.'s incoming lanes, making it the primary entrance for the construction crews.  For 250 feet you can only use on lane coming on post.  It's going to back up POV traffic and post employees and soldiers are being encouraged to use other gates.

Construction could take up to five years and Lawton/Ft. Sill could be dealing with traffic changes the entire time.  But, if it's finished sooner, things will get back to normal more quickly.  Motorists will not be able to use "The New Gate 2 Road" that has been built off of Rogers Lane near I-44.  So, use either use Key or Sheridan Gate.

Ringgold road will be permanently closed from, Ft. Sill Blvd to Craig Rd., to create a temporary road for construction traffic.  "With the new construction, this will greatly change the face of Fort Sill," said Ragland.