Murder anniversary; killer still at large

Lawton_When James "J-Time" Miller hit the DJ chair, put his head set on, and moved forward to the mic for his daily morning radio show Friday, he had only one thing on his mind, "I'm trying to find information on the man responsible," he said.  He's trying to inform the public about the man that federal and county authorities say shot his younger brother.  On a day like this, he uses the airwaves to vent, consoles others who have lost loved ones and most of all, speaks directly to the listeners about finding Kemp.

It's been nine years since the gruesome homicide of a Lawton couple and the man police believe is responsible is still wanted.  Saturday marks the ninth anniversary of the deaths of Christina Cremer and Robert Miller.  The couple were shot several times and the man wanted by the police is David Lee Kemp.

Kemp was captured sixteen days later and put in the Comanche County Jail; but, not for long.  In March of 1991 he escaped along with thirteen others in the early morning hours.  All the other escapees were caught except for Kemp and he is still at large.

James Miller, victim Robert Miller's brother, has regularly talked to 7News every year since his brother was murdered.  He will not let it go until Kemp is caught.  "I'm looking for closure," he said.  He doesn't want the public to forget that his brother was murdered and that the killer has yet to be brought to justice.

Miller says sometimes he gets discouraged and feels as if he's the only one trying to find Kemp.  "I don't know if people are still looking for him.  Has everybody forgotten?  That's the fear I have," he said.  He remains positive, even though the case has now gone cold.  He says no matter what, until Kemp is found, the case will remain active.

Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley says the case is stil active and he continues to get at least one tip per month.  In fact, the latest tip came just a few weeks ago.  Someone thought they spotted Kemp at a local bank.  The sheriff is working on getting the surveillance tape from the bank to see if there is any validity to the claim.

If you have any information about Kemp's whereabouts, call authorities immediately.  "If you don't get judgment here, he'll get judgment up there," says Miller.  "But honestly, I want it to be done down here first.  And, that's what I wake up for every day,"

David Lee Kemp remains one of America's top fugitives.