Accident kills beloved Ryan couple

Ryan_A group of bikers were out for a weekend getaway when a car crossed the median and hit them, knocking four people from their bikes, killing three and leaving the fourth rider and the driver of the car in critical condition.

Sunday, family members and co-workers in the small town of Ryan, Oklahoma remembered Linda and Roger Gunter and the impact they had on this small community. The town is so shaken that the school district has canceled its first day of classes this Monday.

The townspeople all say they are devastated, and their town won't be the same without them.  Most people knew the Gunters as the care-takers of this small town. Linda ran a day care before she started working in the school cafeteria and Roger was the coach to almost every athlete who went through that school.

Paul and Nancy Peyton were waiting in Duncan for their friends to show up so they could all ride to hot springs together for the weekend. But, after more than five hours of waiting to see them coming down the road, they got the fateful call that they weren't going to make it.  "She told me the car come across the median, clipped the first, and hit Roger and Linda, then Genie," said Peyton.  "We weren t sure if it hit Frank or not, or just the debris.  Then the fifth bike just hit the debris."

The Peyton's say they were shocked by the accident because Linda and Roger were always careful on their bikes.  "A lot of people want to blame motorcycles because they were riding motorcycles, but it wasn t the motorcycles," they Peyton's say.  When the town heard the Gunters had been in an accident, about 50 of them gathered at a house waiting for OHP to give them an update on their condition.  Everyone 7News talked to said they want the Gunters to be remembered as the kind of people we should all aspire to be.

Several people said Linda and Roger were always laughing, helping others, and talking about their children and grandchildren.