Sheppard Air Force Base gets new jets

Wichita Falls_Sheppard Air Force Base just got the rest of its fleet.  Monday, the base in Wichita Falls got an additional four T-38C's, an elite training jet that's totally digital.  Now, the base has all the training equipment they need.  However, these specific jets won't be manufactured anymore.  The last of the jets were delivered out of Arizona bringing the total number of the T-38C to 126.

These digital jets replaced the older and out of date training models from the sixties, called the 38A.  The T-38C helps students and pilots adapt to newer frontline fighters more efficiently.  Here's how; the older models used an analog panel, now, it's all digital.  The new jets are so advanced, the pilots no longer have knobs to manipulate and they no longer have to look down at a panel.  Now, there's a heads up screen so pilots can keep their eyes on the sky.

Boeing, out of Arizona, has been producing the T-38C's for ten years, but Sheppard didn't receive its first aircraft until last year.  And now, it has a complete fleet.  The Wichita Falls base was the last to convert to these new trainers.  These should take the base into the next 30 years.

These fighter planes will no longer be produced by Boeing since every base has what it needs until a newer system is available.  Until then, Sheppard has a fully trained maintenance crew for the new jets that are specifically trained if anything should happen.

The 420th Flying Training Wing, out of Phoenix, flew their last flight in the T-38C's Monday.  Many of them will retire or pursue other positions.