Wine drinkers find a bit of Napa Valley in the Midwest

Barneveld, Wis. (AP) _ Some Oklahomans are joining a growing list of winery owners in the Midwestern United States.  Don Neal says he gets about 15,000 visitors a year at Stableridge Vineyards & Winery on Route 66, in Stroud between, Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Neal says most visitors are from urban areas or are international tourists driving the historic road.  And, he says, they're happy to find out his wine comes entirely from local grapes because they're looking for something Oklahoma-related.

The National Association of American Wineries says the number of wineries nationwide has more than doubled since 2000 from 2,188 to 4,712.  And, the group says, some of the most rapid growth has been in states like Oklahoma, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

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