Back to school!

Lawton_School starts again in Friday.  But teachers are already back in school, preparing for kids to fill the classrooms.  Wednesday teachers across Lawton completed their second day of training and Thursday night, 25 schools will have orientations to prepare new students for school.  They'll be there to show students where to go on their first day and tell parents what kids need to have for their classes.

Lawton Public Schools is asking parents to meet their child's teachers first and make sure the student is ready to learn.  "I think one thing that would be important is for the parents to arrange a mutually agreed up on time to meet with the teacher when it's convenient for both of them, says Billy Davis, Director of Elementary Education.  "And, get to know each other, and start off on a cooperative basis."

Some things may seem small, for instance, "They need their lunch arrangements made. The school needs information. If you haven't turned in any of your information that they're waiting on, get that to them," said Davis.  And if you're a last minute shopper, be sure they have their school supplies; "Send them with some supplies," says Director of Secondary Education Tom Christian. "They'll need paper and pencil and pen and a great attitude for school. It's going to be a great school year and we want them to have a good time."

Finally, when it's time for the first day of school, be sure students are ready.  Principal Kathleen Dering from Swinney Elementary has some advice:  "Make sure they get a good night's sleep, and have a good breakfast, and  encourage them, be positive, just be very supportive of them and uplifting and that will rub off on the students," she said.

Even if you don't have any kids of your own preparing for school, you need to get ready too.  Driving safety is important.  Especially when driving through school zones.  "Please watch for school zones," says Davis.  "Any time there is a school zone there's always the chance for a child to be walking across the street or riding a bike and we want to keep our children safe."  And, not just the morning drop off, there are lunchtime zone hours too.  There's kids coming and going all throughout the day, around all the schools just be careful and watchful," says Dering.

Students need after school support as well.  Ask them what they learned that day and stay involved in their education throughout the year.

Eisenhower High School is now on the same schedule as all the other high schools.  They start class bright and early at 7:45am and Ike Junior High starts at 8:30 as they get ready to transition about 400 Freshman students to High School.