Dollar store robbery

Lawton_Lawton Police say they have the man who robbed a Dollar General Store at gunpoint.  They tell 7News that two men entered The Dollar General Store on southeast 45th Street and told a clerk they had misplaced their ID in the store.    When the manager went to the office to look for it, they struck.  Police say one of the two then drew a gun and demanded cash.  Tonight, police say they have 18 year old Billy Roy Degraffenried in custody and are looking for the person they say is his accomplice.

"Just before 1pm yesterday afternoon, the police 911 center received a call of an armed robbery that occurred at the dollar general store on southeast 45th street," said Police Captain John Deboard.  During the robbery, "He apparently caused enough of a scene for several people in the store to notice him doing this," he said.  They went to the office and the other robber appeared, pulled the gun and demanded the cash.  "They were given some money that was there in the office area and they fled on foot," said Deboard.

Officers questioned store employees and customers and they identified Degraffenreid as one of the suspects; he lives just a few blocks from the store.  That's where he was taken into custody.  "During his interviews with detectives, he made admissions that he was involved with the robbery," said Deboard.  "However, to this point, he has refused to identify the second individual that was with him."

Police are still looking for the other suspect.  He's described as a black man, about six feet tall, wearing an orange t-shirt.  If you know of anyone who was involved with this crime, call the Police Department or Lawton Crimestoppers at 580-355-4696.