Frederick arson

Frederick_The City of Frederick believes it's found an arsonist; a person who set multiple houses on fire.  Authorities say the culprit even went so far as to try to blow up one of the homes, right in a residential area.  They say 25 year old Quinton Leroy Allgood set at least 5 vacant houses on fire as well as a field.

Police have him in custody tonight after they caught him, apparently the landlord of the vacant houses saw him inside one of the empty buildings.  Frederick Chief of Police Rick Guill says that as of now, Allgood has confessed to setting at least three fires.  After Guill got the word out through local radio and newspaper announcements, he was able to arrest the suspect.

Martha Garza lives right next door to one of the empty houses that was set ablaze and heard the news bulletins, "I got scared when they told me about it," she said.  This pretty much sums up what many residents were thinking.

Investigators told 7News that when the owner of the homes heard about the fires, she came and checked it out.  Sure enough, she saw who she believes was Allgood sitting in the front room.  She called police and when they arrived, the suspect ran next door and tried to hide under a camper.  He trapped himself and authorities were able to nab him.

But, police don't believe this was his first stop.  They believe he set fire to at least three other places, including the field, which he tried to ignite using the sun and the bottom of a glass bottle.  Allgood may have even tried to blow up one of the homes.  "It made me really concerned because I have a newborn baby," said Sara Morrison.  "And when this going on, it was in that room right there.  "We didn't know if the gas was on if it was going to explode and come over here," she said.  Chief Quill said the suspect lit a fire in the front part of the house and turned the gas on full blast.  It could have been disastrous, but fire crews got there before the gas could build up.  It also helped that there was an open window.

Police say they asked Allgood why he set all the fires.  All he could tell them was that he was "distraught".  So far, he's being held on two counts of arson, two counts of burglary and one count of tampering with utilities.