Texoma home air conditioners working overtime

LAWTON_ If you've noticed your home's air conditioner working overtime lately, you're not alone. But is it broken or just too hot outside for it to keep up?  A local AC repair man says chances are it's the latter.  By this time last year, we had already seen 44 days with triple digit heat. Fortunately, we've had a big break this year, but now that the blistering temperatures have finally arrived, it's making it pretty difficult to keep our homes cool.

There are a few things you can do to help, but the AC man we talked to was very honest. He says until the temperatures go down we're all going to be a little uncomfortable. Even worse it's going to cost us financially.

Bob Chambers has built his business around hot and cold weather, but it's when the extreme degrees hit that he finds out how popular he is. "Here it's been crazy," said Chambers. "There's been calls coming in all day and I've got three girls answering the phones and they've been staying busy all day long."

While that's good for business, Chambers says it can also lead to disappointment for his customers who want their AC's to cool better and faster. "When we're hitting 100-105 degree weather the houses are designed for 95-99 degrees. Some people, we just have to tell them it's doing the best it can," said Chambers.

"It's tremendously difficult," said Virgil McVicker. He's just one of many Texomans who are constantly fighting with their home thermostat. He even did something most AC repairmen are called to do. He cleaned his own unit. "You take it apart, wash the leaves out with a hose," said McVicker.

"That stops up the coils and makes it a lot harder to work," siad Chambers. "It's like putting a piece of cardboard over the radiator of the car."

Even after the deep cleaning McVicker's unit is still running all day long. Of course he says his great niece and great nephew don't help. "When they're in and out all day long during summer it's hard to cool the house. Then you come home from a hard day's work out in the sun and the house is not as cool as you expect."

One thing both Chambers and McVicker also recommend is keeping your blinds and curtains closed during the day to keep the hot sunlight out. Aside from that, they say service your unit twice a year and keep the ceiling fans running. That's pretty much all you can do.