Sheriff of the year first ever woman honoree

Stephens County Sheriff Jimmie Bruner was named Sheriff of the Year by the Oklahoma Sheriff's Association.  She's the only female sheriff in Oklahoma and the first female ever to be honored with this award.  Bruner was successful in winning out over six other nominees and was honored over the weekend in Oklahoma City.

"I was excited to be among 76 others," Bruner told 7News.  She was the only female nominee in a sea of 76 male sheriffs.  But, being around a male dominated profession is something she never shied away from.  In fact, it motivated her.  Sheriff Jimmie Bruner has been in law enforcement for more than twenty years.  She first ran for sheriff and won by a landslide over the incumbent in 2000 and then won her second term just as easily.

Since Bruner has been sheriff, the county has a new jail, has started a new domestic violence program and she's the first and only female on the Sheriff's State Board of Directors.  She's on the Drug court Board as well as The State Fatality Review Board.

Bruner's Administrative Assistant, Debbie Walker, nominated the sheriff.  "There's just no question, she is the Sheriff of the Year.  She's just that kind of person," said Walker.  She says Bruner has worked hard and her patience and eye for detail are an asset to the force.  "She's put up with a lot as a woman sheriff.  Sometimes guys don't like taking orders from a woman," said Walker.

Now, Bruner has respect from her County as well as her staff.  She's garnered attention and respect from her peers with the sheriff's top honor.  But, Sheriff Bruner won't stop there; she plans to stick to her guns and stay in law enforcement for as long as possible.  "As long as the good Lord wills," she said.

Bruner dedicated the award to her husband Bud.  He too was in law enforcement, but was forced to retire after a debilitating accident while on duty.  A reception is to be held Saturday, August 18 at the Arvest Bank in Duncan at 3pm.