Another Altus drive by

Altus_Jackson County had another shooting Thursday; the fifth in two months.  One of the same houses has been targeted.  The duplex on North Thomas Street was hit last month, breaking windows and smashing holes in cars.  The people in the neighborhood say they're getting tired of it and that it's not safe anymore.

Police told 7News that it looks like a pattern.  "I was inside getting something to drink and I heard the first clips, six or eights shots," said Krish Rigdon, neighborhood resident, "And I called 911 and while I was on the phone, 6 or 8 more shots went off."  Police say that three rounds can be accounted for, but neighbors say it's more like twenty.

Rigdon's grandmother lives in the neighborhood as well.  "She lives right next door.

She's tired of it," he says.  They're already trying to find another place to live after the first shooting.  It ridiculous, just getting too close now."  Juanita Castillo agrees; she lives alone next door and says she locks her doors, but now has even more reason to.  "As many shots that we had fired, there's no telling where they landed and what they hit," she said.

Residents simply don't know what to do.

Authorities say it's the second round in a retaliation shooting from last month took place on the other side of Altus, in the 500 block of West Broadway.  "There's some of the same people that we see," said Assistant Police Chief Mike Howeth. "The same names showing up in the reports that one on one side of town and one on the others so there's a good possibility they could be tied together."

Police still have one man in custody from last month's shooting, but seem to be running out of options.  "We're going to have to put a stop to this one way or another and if I gotta park a car in front, we're going to have to do something," said Howeth.  They're still waiting on forensic evidence to come back from the lab, but when it does, police say they may be able to make more arrests.

If you know anything about the shooting or the shooting, last month, at 509 West Broadway, please call Crimestoppers at 580-482-TIPS.