Altus cab robbed

An Altus cab driver told 7News that he's lucky to be alive.  Timothy Felty was robbed early Friday morning while on duty.  He said two men robbed him and stole his cab.

Felty was pretty shaken up, understandably.  He said a gun was put to his head and was robbed of his cash.  He, then, heard a single shot fired.  Felty has only had his job as a cabbie for three months and nothing like this has ever happened to him.  No one expects it to, but there was something different about his passengers that morning.

Two men had him go from place to place, they were in and out of homes and when they finally stopped he was faced with a gun pointed to his head.  Felty said that all he could do was panic, but quickly gathered himself and did what he was told.  He was afraid for his life.

One of the men asked for all his cash and property, which he handed over.  However, Felty was able to hang on to his cell phone.  After he got out of the cab, he was able to catch the carjackers off guard and take off in between some houses.  That's when he heard that single gunshot.  He's not sure if was intended for him, but he managed to get away and called his dispatcher for help.

"Unfortunately it comes with the job," said Alice Guest, the cab company owner.  She's just glad Felty is safe.  "The amount of money they took was not worth the penalty."  Guest wouldn't say exactly how much money the two escaped with, but she said it was very little.

The suspects only went for a short ride and abandoned the vehicle.  The cab was found empty, not far from where the incident took place and the keys were thrown in the grass.  Police are looking for the suspects which they describe only as two young adult black males.

Call Crimestoppers with any info you feel you may have 580-482-TIPS.