Arvest armed robbery suspect in custody

Around three Monday afternoon, the Arvest Bank, located at 27th and West Gore was robbed.  Police say a man walked into the bank with a light blue plastic bag and a handgun.  He demanded money from the tellers.  They did as they were trained by filling the bag.  The robber then left on foot.

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Lawton Police Department dispatched crime scene investigators and detectives to the scene of the robbery.  A security camera photo of the suspect committing the robbery was released to 7News the same day.

Following the media coverage of the crime, lead investigator, Detective Chris Hall, received a tip through Crimestoppers which led to the identity of the suspect.  A latent fingerprint lifted from the bank by crime scene investigators was compared to the known prints of the suspect which confirmed the robber's identity as Markeith Demond Tucker, 24, of Lawton.  Interviews of family members and known associates of Tucker developed information which helped to locate Tucker in Elk City, Oklahoma.

Local agents for the FBI were advised of the results of the Lawton Police investigation and took Tucker into custody.  Currently, Tucker is being held by Federal officials and the FBI has indicated that they will be pursuing the prosecution of the case in Federal Court.