Caddo County roads flood damaged

Caddo County is one of Oklahoma's largest counties and it covers more than 1,900 miles of country roads.  This week, 90 percent of those roads and at least half of the bridges have flood damage.  So, nearly everyone in the county is affected.

The Wagon Wheel Bridge was once one of the more secure bridges in rural Oklahoma and it has now been wiped out by Tropical Storm Erin.  Both officials and residents say this is the worst they've seen in decades.  They've had flooding, but it's never wiped out roads like this.  "Indian Road" just southeast of Carnegie once had a dip in it.  This dip is now a one hundred foot chasm.  Water went over the road and was so furious that it washed out a section and took a car with it.  Luckily, the driver abandoned it before it was pulled under.

Gary Baker works just past the hole in Indian Road.  He delivers septic tanks and storm shelters and, as a driver, he has to make sure he drives safely.  "Can't go anywhere 'til the county gets the roads fixed," he said.  It's (the truck) so heavy the roads won't hold them up.  So, we have to wait to get them fixed or we have to go around."

Commissioner Carlos Squires says despite the fact that almost everyone in Caddo County are affected, the county only has money to maintain roads and bridges.  They have no money for major repairs for the damage caused by Erin.  "If FEMA doesn't help, these roads may never open up," said Squires.

Squires asked the residents to be patient while alternate routes are being mapped.  But, almost everyone has a way to get in and out by now.  So far, the bus routes are still not on a regular schedule.