Could you be a $245 million winner?

Lawton_The $245 million lottery has given Oklahomans lottery fever.  There are only a few hours left to run out and buy a ticket.  Powerball Lottery just came to the state at the beginning of last year and it has people dreaming big.  A big win, for some, couldn't come at a better time.  They've spent their money on summer vacation and back to school clothes and are ready for some extra cash.  Who cares that it'll cost you a dollar per pick!

A lot of people on their lunch break Wednesday were certain it was their lucky day and store owners expect a huge rush tonight after the end of the work day.  Cars, jewelry, homes; you name the high priced item, that's what a potential winner of this jackpot would spend it on.  But, everyone said they would share it with their family.

We asked some folks at Fluffy's what the first thing was that they would spend the money on?  "Pay off bills, that's the 1st thing, and also treat the family.  Show some love to them, sharing, and I know I would remain in the state of Oklahoma," said Karl Ellison.  "Take a vacation," said Roger Dutil.

Convenience store owner Fluffy Mason says that every state is different when it comes to Powerball Lottery rules.  "The store that produces the winning Oklahoma Powerball ticket only receives a big smile and a hearty handshake," said Fluffy.  And 7News' staff couldn't help themselves either.  Everyone hopes they have the winning ticket.  "Oh, it's funny to watch how Powerballs have a trend if it is not won tonight and goes to a huge number for Saturday, well I think then it will be CRAZY," said Fluffy.

When you go to purchase your lotto ticket you can either have the machine choose for you, by selecting "easy pick" or choose your own luck numbers.  It'll still cost you a dollar per pick, though.  Remember, you have until 8:59 tonight to purchase tickets.  The drawing is at 10pm.

7News will bring you the winning number.