NLOS groundbreaking ceremony

Wednesday marks the day of a historic groundbreaking in Elgin.  The Non Line Of Site Cannon will soon be rolling of the assembly line.  It'll be built in Elgin and tested at Fort Sill; the culmination of years of work and planning by Oklahoma's Congressional Delegation.

This revolutionary weapon design is not just important to Oklahoma.  It's a high tech weapon designed for today's Army  BAE Systems, Elgin Operations, is going to be a great asset to the town of Elgin, the state of Oklahoma and the U.S. Army.

BAE Vice President of Army Programs, Jim Unterseher says the Army is why they're here.  "Our mission has always been to give the best we possibly can to the war fighter," he said.  "And... frankly about 24 months from now, the first cannon here in Elgin is providing that absolute best to the war fighter."

BAE Systems has already begun taking applications for employment and Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole sums it up when he says that Elgin will be the site for building one of the best pieces of artillery, built by the best people, for the best Army in the world.