More "Made in China" product recalls

You may need to take another look in your child's toy box because there's yet another toy recall. This time chinese toy manufacturers are voluntarily recalling the toys because of more fears of lead paint.

More children's items made in China have been recalled because they contain high levels of lead.  The largest recall affects about 250,000 SpongeBob Squarepants address books and journals, manufactured in China and imported by Martin Designs.  They have been recalled because paint on the metal spiral bindings can contain high levels of lead.

About 66,000 spinning tops and about 4,700 pails painted with Thomas & Friends, Curious George, circus scenes or solid colors have also been recalled because paint on the wooden handles contains high levels of lead.

About 14,000 Toby & Me jewelry sets, and about 7,900 Children's Divine Inspiration charm bracelets have also been recalled.  No injuries have been reported.

For more information, consumers can call the company at 1-866-898-0261 or visit its web site or the CPSC's web site

And yesterday the FDA began testing dog treats that Wal-Mart pulled off store shelves.

The Food and Drug Administration says it hasn't found any chemical or biological contamination in Chinese-made dog treats that were recently pulled off the shelves at Wal-Mart.

Earlier this week, Wal-Mart said it stopped selling chicken jerky strips and chicken jerky in July after customers said the products made their pets sick.  Wal-mart says 17 tests showed trace levels of melamine, the same pesticide byproduct that led to a widespread pet food recall in march after an unknown number of dogs and cats died.

An FDA spokeswoman says the agency is "actively'' investigating Wal-Mart's products in light of the store's pulling the items from its shelves.  Tests are continuing.

But, China blames strict standards for massive toy recall, not quality concerns.  China says it's not poor quality that prompted Mattel to issue a global recall of millions of Chinese products -- but newer, stricter industry standards.  China's vice commerce minister says the more than 18 million toys were pulled from shelves because of a May revision of standards involving magnets. He says the U.S. Manufacturer Mattel voluntarily recalled the toys that were made and sold before that revision.

Mattel first announced a recall involving magnets last November, after reports of injuries.  China does acknowledge the recall was the responsible thing to do.  And a cabinet-level panel plans to launch a nationwide food, drug and export safety campaign in a bid to win back consumer confidence.