Suspects of multiple Altus drive-bys in custody

Altus_The rash of drive by shootings in Jackson County could be over.  Altus police officers have arrested two men that they say were responsible.  The Jackson County Drug Task Force searched a house at 1001 North Thomas, which was previously the site of the two drive bys.  Inside, they found drugs, money and guns that they believe were all involved in the shootings.

This could lead to drug traffic and illegal possession of firearms charges. "Yesterday afternoon we were contacted by the District Three Drug Task Force up in Jackson County," Altus Police Captain Michael Turner told 7News.  "They were asking for our assistance in executing a search warrant at 1001 north Thomas, apartment B," the site of two recent shootings and apparently a lot more.

Turner said that undercover agents in Altus were able to buy drugs from the home twice and that's why they served the warrant.  "Upon the execution of the search warrant, there were firearms found, of course narcotics, cash," he said.

Jeffrey Shepherd is being held on drug trafficking charges and Roger Shaw is in custody on charges of drug possession.  This isn't the first illegal incident with the two men, they've both been convicted of felonies before, so finding them with weapons after those convictions has landed them in jail.  The APD says the seizure of weapons and a lot of ammunition will be key evidence in the drive by cases.

"The firearms that were recovered out of the house are going to be sent off by the Drug Task Force to the OSBI for ballistics examinations," said Turner.  "And, we feel pretty confident that the firearms are going to be tied back in to the rash of shootings we've been having in the Altus area."  It wasn't a slam dunk for authorities.  They didn't have cooperation from the shooting victims, but, they still managed to make an arrest and Capt. Turner felt confident all along.

Both suspects were in court today.  Shepherd is charged with two counts of delivery of drugs, one count of trafficking and also probation violation.  Shaw is charged with one count of possession with intent to distribute.  The APD feels confident that they will make even more arrests from this investigation in the future.

After five drive-bys in just two months, neighbors are glad to have those responsible behind bars. Residents in the area can breathe a sigh of relief now that these criminals are off the street.  Juanita Castillo lives just across the street from the house on North Thomas.  "I'm just happy," she said.  "It makes me feel a lot better...more relieved."

The Jackson County District 3 Drug Task Force gets its funding through annual grants.  So, if you want to help support their work, call the District Attorney's office.