Firefighter and family recover after blaze

A Corum, Oklahoma firefighter found himself on the other side of a fire rescue about six months ago.  Ron Gaithers home went up in flames and within moments the blaze swept through his mobile home leaving him, his wife and daughter with nothing.  To make matters worse, Gaither lost one of his legs in a bad crash years ago and when the fire broke out, he didn't have time to put on his prosthetic.

Rabecca Gaithers said she'll never forget pulling her husband from their burning home.  Ron sustained third degree burns on his leg and foot and second degree burns on his back and shoulders.  Doctors were surprised how fast he recovered.  He said he had to heal fast because he hated dragging himself around on his knees and not being able to help his wife prepare for the move into their new home.  So, as far as their health is concerned, the Gaithers are doing well.  But, a few months ago Rabecca lost her job and although things have been tight, they at least have each other.

They've gotten so much support from friends, family and even complete strangers.  They say there are no words to describe their appreciation and that saying thank you is just not enough.  After the fire, people came and offered help in any way they could.  Their neighbors had an empty mobile home and offered it to the Gaither family.  "A whole trailer, are you kidding?  A whole house, it was amazing," said Rabecca.

Ron told 7News that six months ago he wondered how he would get back on his feet - literally.  The Gaithers didn't have health insurance and knew that medical bills would be tough to come by.  "You take the good with the bad you're going to have good times and hard times and when the hard times come you just have to do what you have to do, and that's what we have been doing," said Rabecca.

Ron received his new and improved prosthetic leg a few weeks ago and has now been able to go out on fire calls.  The Gaithers say their hearts go out to all of the recent flood victims.  They know what it's like to lose everything, but they urge people to keep their heads up - there will be a good day again.