Epidemic of home invasions

A Wichita Falls neighborhood is on edge tonight following yet another armed robbery early Friday morning.  Police say the robbers truck around 5am in the 4100 block of Beard in the same neighborhood where the masked men robbed two elderly homeowners Thursday and earlier this month.

But, the victim wasn't elderly this time.  Instead, she's a young mother of two infant children who were at home with her at the time of the robbery.  When 7News arrived, a lot of people in the neighborhood had yet to hear about Friday's invasion.  But, after learning of the third robbery within just a couple of weeks, residents were shocked, angry and desperate to find the suspects.

It may seem like déjà vu; the same crime, the same neighborhood and at the same time of day.  But, for the young mother, the most recent victim of this terrifying crime, it was a totally new experience.    "I heard my screen door and I thought it was my dog jumping on it trying to get in or whatever," she said.  But, it wasn't her dog.  It was two masked men coming inside despite her best attempts to keep them out.

"Of course they were bigger than me and overpowered me and had the gun and said if I was to scream they were going to hurt me and my children," she said.  So, she complied and gave the men her cash, credit cards and some jewelry.  But, when they went toward the bedrooms, her little infant boy began to scream and cry.  And, that turned out to be a good thing.  "I guess it scared them off because they took off out of the door."

Hopefully the sound of the little baby made this their last heist.  But, until they're caught, neighbors promise to be on the lookout.  "You always think about it when it's this close to your house, you watch a little extra more," said neighbor Tony Breyen.

Neighborhood residents say they'll double check to make sure their doors are locked and won't open their doors to strangers.  One man says he's putting his four legged friend to work.  "We use to let the dogs in at night but we've got to where we leave them out more," he said.  If you have a lot of noise it's going to scare people off."

Police still have not named any suspects in these home invasions, but they may have gotten a lead.  One of the victims recognized this morning's victim from a temp agency where she used to work, and the perpetrator told her that he did.  So, detectives are following up on the lead.

The number to call to help solve these robberies is 940-322-9888 and police are offering up to a $1,000 reward for information.