House hunter discovers bloody scene and wanted man

An Altus man went house shopping Friday only to find a trail of blood in one of the homes.  And, that's just the beginning.  It turns out, there was a man inside the home who had apparently attempted suicide.  Fifty-five year old Cecil George is a well known businessman in Altus - he once owned the historic Altus Plaza Theatre - and he was wanted in Texas.

Tim Case went shopping for a home in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Altus.  He never thought he'd stumble upon what appeared to be a crime scene.  "I saw a pool of blood leading to the house," he said.  He immediately knew there was something wrong; there was a car inside the garage - still running - with the door open and a trail of blood leading inside the vacant home.

That's when he called police.  "I didn't touch anything," said Case.  When police arrived, they found blood on the walls while searching the house.  Then, they heard a voice from the back.  "I'm here in the bedroom," is what Chief Patterson said he heard.  Detectives found a razor blade in the bathroom sink and George told police he had used the blade on himself and ingested at least 40 sleeping pills.

After being treated for slicing his wrists, George appeared in court.  He was arraigned for money laundering and had been wanted on a million dollar bond.

The prospective buyer is no longer interested in the house.