Attorney General Gonzales has resigned

Crawford, Texas (AP) _ President Bush will be talking later this morning about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' resignation.  The President is expected to make comments on the matter from his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Two administration officials say the Attorney General submitted his resignation letter last Friday and could be off the job in as little as two weeks.  For months, both Republican and Democratic critics have called on Gonzales to vacate his seat over warrantless wiretapping and the firing of U.S. Attorneys.

During the congressional investigation into whether there were political motives in the firing of the attorneys, Democrats repeatedly hinted that Gonzales was lying.  Gonzales maintained the dismissals were based on the prosecutors' lackluster performances.

His likely temporary replacement is Solicitor General Paul Clement.  Gonzales is the fourth top-level Bush Administration official to leave since the Democrats were swept into power in Congress in the November elections.

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