Mexican candy import may contain lead

Oklahoma City_The California Department of Public Health recently reported findings of unhealthy levels of lead in Barrilito and Miguelito candies imported from Mexico.  Ingestion of these candies could put infants, young children and pregnant women at risk for adverse health effects.

Recent testing of the two candies by the California Department of Health found that Barrilito contained .15 parts per million of lead and Miguelito contained .13 parts per million of lead.  In California, candies with lead levels in excess of .1 ppm are considered tainted.  This finding coincides with the guidelines issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in November 2006 on the recommended level of .1 ppm in candy products likely to be consumed by children.

Lee McGoodwin, managing director of the Oklahoma Poison Control Center said, "Recently, there have been multiple recalls on food products, toys, jewelry and baby items due to high levels of lead poisoning and heed government recall warnings.  No exposure is the surest method for preventing lead poisoning."

Barrilito is a thick, brown syrup that is sold in a clear glass jar with a yellow label and comes with an attached plastic spoon.  Miquelito is a reddish-orange powder packaged in a plastic packet with the name Miguelito in large blue letters on a white background.  Montebello-based TJ Candy Corp., the company that dispenses the sweets, has initiated a voluntary recall.

From the Office of Oklahoma Poison Control Center