Continuing mold problems in Lawton apartment complex

Lawton_Pine Terrace Apartments has more mold problems.  7News reported on this problem in July and now it's upstairs from the previous apartment.  Maria Laughy says that it not only looks bad, it smells bad and it's starting to make her family sick; so sick that her son had to be taken to the hospital.

The walls in Laughy's hallway are water damaged and she has dealt with the problem for months.  She complained to apartment management more than two months ago but she says all they did was try and remove the mold with bleach.  That didn't work; it came back.  Of course, when all the rain came, the roof leaked and made it worse.  "Before that, all the flooding, all the water got in those holes and then they just filled them up with tar," Laughy said.

She said that the problems are causing harm to her and her family.  "When I breathe in, sometimes it's like I'm not getting enough air and I'm in the apartment most of the time," she said. "My son has asthma, it's been irritated from the ... I guess the exposure to the mold."  The situation got so bad that Laughy refused to pay her rent until something was done.  She then asked to be let out of her lease; she received an eviction notice the next day because she had not paid rent.

She'll be moving anyway, but doesn't want anyone else to have to go through what she has.  I want something to be done," Laughy said.  I want someone to come out here and check the building.  Do mold tests."  She says it's not just her apartment that has a mold problem, either.  "It's the entire structure of the building.  It's not just my apartment, it's not just downstairs."

7News tried to talk to the apartment representative on duty, but she had no comment.  In fact, she asked 7News to leave the premises.

If you have a mold problem, make sure to dry any areas that have become soaked.  The Environmental Protection Agency says mold grows best in damp, dark and poorly ventilated areas.