Woman killed in Meridian fire

Meridian_An early morning house fire took the life of a Stephens County woman on Tuesday.  Fifty-one year old Sharon Arbuckle and four others were home while flames ripped through the structure of the home in Meridian.  7News was on the scene shortly after firefighters arrived and it took authorities only six minutes to get there, but it was too late for the woman inside.  "It was unbelievable, it was out of control at that point," said volunteer firefighter Larry Martin.

Upon the rescuers arrival, the whole house was engulfed in flames.  They did everything they could to rescue the woman from inside the home, but it was too late.  Hours later the remnants of the building were still smoking.

The home owner, Mr. Pointer, was in his bedroom when he heard crackling.  He opened the door and immediately smelled smoke and as he made his way out of the burning house, he was able to rush the three others out with him.  Sharon Arbuckle, however, did not make it.  "Unfortunately, the woman that perished went in to save her dog and was over come by smoke," said Paula McKinnis - another volunteer firefighter.  And, neither made it back out. 

Arbuckle's daughter was in a back bedroom and was able to make it to safety along with another man who was also in the rear addition of the house.  The Fire Marshall and Medical Examiner are still investigating, but preliminary reports show that the fire may have been electrical and may have begun in the living room.

The homeowner is seeking medical help for some non life threatening burns on his hands and chest.  A fund has been set up for the family of Sharon Arbuckle at First Bank and Trust in Duncan, 925 West Main St.