Stipe faces probation revocation hearing

Oklahoma City (AP) _ As federal prosecutors prepare to ask a judge to revoke Former State Senator Gene Stipe's probation, Stipe's attorney says he'll ask for an independent medical review of Stipe's mental and physical condition.

Stipe is due in federal court in Muskogee today for a hearing on whether his probation will be revoked.  Meanwhile, Defense Attorney Clark Brewster says Stipe's health is "very precarious'' because of brain surgeries.

The 80-year-old Stipe resigned from the senate in 2003 and pleaded guilty in 2004 to federal charges of perjury and illegally funneling money to congressional candidate Walt Roberts.  He was fined $735,000 and given five years probation.  Now, prosecutors say Stipe violated probation by taking part in another illegal campaign finance scheme and by associating with convicted felon Steve Covington who is a longtime friend.

Stipe could be sent to prison for 10 months if his probation is revoked.

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