Comanche County Courthouse receives bomb threat

Lawton_Shortly after 8:30 Tuesday morning, a Comanche County employee received a third-party phone call advising of a bomb threat which had been made toward the Comanche County Courthouse.  Immediately after receiving the notification, this employee advised their department head, who in turned notified the chain of command according to courthouse policy.

Once the determination was made by Sheriff Kenny Stradley and Central District Commissioner Ron Kirby to evacuate the building, all courthouse employees and citizens conducting business within the courthouse were immediately evacuated.

"We never take a threat of this magnitude for granted!  The safety of our employees and the citizens who come into the courthouse is our main concern," says Kirby. "We have a terrific evacuation plan in place.  This plan allows each department to account for every employee while quickly evacuating everyone to the same meeting point.  Our employees and safety officers did an excellent job this morning in quickly evacuating and accounting for everyone."

Commissioner Kirby also added this is an inconvenience to those who may have been in the building conducting business, or those who tried to come to the courthouse to conduct their normal business.  "We want EVERYONE who comes to the courthouse to feel absolutely safe.  That is why we take threats so seriously and take every precaution we can to make sure the building is secure and safe before we allow anyone to come back in, whether that be our employees or the citizens of our county," added Kirby.

The Comanche County protocol involves searching the entire building with bomb-detecting dogs and deputies.  This task was completed at about 10:30am and determined there was no bomb located inside the courthouse.  The Comanche County Courthouse opened back up for regular business shortly after 11:30 Tuesday morning.