Credit card fraud at Aaron's Rental Center

Aaron's Rental Centers have been the target of some credit card fraud in Oklahoma.  Someone is ringing up high dollar items, so far in both Weatherford and Oklahoma City - now, in Lawton.  A company sales representative says two women came in to the Lawton store months ago and bought items in total of $8,000.  It took until yesterday to discover the fraud when one of the transactions was returned as "invalid".

Now, investigators are trying to track down the two suspected of credit card fraud.  Mark Terry says he was working in June when two suspicious ladies walked in the door.  He said they took a long time browsing and came to the desk with a list of expensive items they wanted to purchase.

General Manager Shane Birch said a woman by the name of Carol Trousdale told the clerk that she had just received a huge settlement and wanted to go shopping.  The suspect made the purchases with a credit card which did not go through because the limit was too low.  Trousdale pretended to call another female who posed as a bank teller who upped the amount.

They bought a 42 inch flat screen television, two laptops and one desktop computer that totaled $8,000.  Aaron's says that Trousdale's accomplice did most of the talking.  She went by the name Odori Legail Johnson and called herself "Dee".  When Terry and Birch heard about the other centers also being defrauded, they started checking their records for suspicious purchases and sure enough, the names matched.

Aaron's in Lawton caught the two on tape, but, since it happened two months ago, the store no longer has the footage of the women.  According to Aaron's, the tapes only hold a months worth of video.

Police are looking for two women fitting these descriptions:  Carol Trousdale is a white woman in her mid forties and Odori "Dee" Johnson is a black woman who is 5'8" 165lbs.  Johnson drives a Chevy Silverado four door with an OK tag number of 431-XTE.

If you have any information that may help investigators solve this crime, please contact authorities.