Duncan man bilked out of $30k

A Duncan man is out $30,000 because he thought his money was going to help those less fortunate.  Police say it all began Tuesday in a Wal-Mart parking lot when the elderly man was approached by two strangers.  One of the men showed the victim a large amount of cash and asked him to match it for a charity.  The victim matched the amount and was bilked out of his hard earned cash.

The victim is so embarrassed that he wishes not to be identified and police are hoping his story will lead to more information in this case of fraud.  Duncan investigator Keith Stewart believes there were others in the parking lot when this even occurred.  According to the victim, the two strangers seemed to know each other as they talked about the fictional charity.

Stewart says everyone needs to be more aware.  He says it's sad that we live in a world where you can't trust everyone; but, it's the world we live in.  The elderly victim really thought he was doing a good deed and believed what the suspect who approached him was saying.  "This guy worked all his life, ya know?  He's a long time resident of the city and he worked all his life for that money and he's supposed to be in retirement now and he just lost $30,000 in cash in one hour," said Stewart.

Even though the victim has lost so much money and is taken aback by the deception, he wants others to be warned.  "He is prideful, he is some what ashamed that it happened to him, but he wasn't so  prideful that he doesn't want his money back and these guys caught and prosecuted," Stewart said.

Detective Stewart are going through surveillance tapes from the Wal-Mart parking lot.  He says scam suspect number one is a black male, in his fifties, 6'1" and around 200 pounds.  Scam suspect number two is Caucasian and believed to be in his sixties, about 5'10" and about 230 pounds.  They believe the two were driving a charcoal colored late 90's Cadillac four-door similar to an STS or CTS model.  Authorities believe these types of frauds pass through town, pull scams and then leave.   "In today's times you just can't trust people like you used to.  That would be my advice.  He got played for 30 thousand dollars," said Stewart.  "If a stranger approaches you in a parking lot don't let your heart over shadow your mind."

If you have any information regarding this crime, Duncan Police urge you to call Crimestoppers at 580-252-INFO.