Wichita Falls woman accused of hiring hit man to kill family

A Wichita Falls woman faces seven charges as part of a murder for hire scheme. Police say she wanted her parents and husband killed and her children hurt. What 41-year-old Julie Olsen didn't know was she was trying to hire an undercover officer to do it for her.  After a brief meeting outside of Olsen's home, police say she made the deadly deal.  Her husband, one of the intended victims, said he and his wife were going through a divorce and didn't say much more about his wife's actions.

Court documents haven't offered any clues as to her motivation and it's a crime that Wichita Falls Police have only seen a few times in the past twenty years or so. "I don't think anything about this case is typical, because it's a very uncommon thing to do to hire someone to murder family members," said Sgt. Joe Snyder.  But, that's exactly what an undercover officer said Julie Olsen wanted.  She's accused of asking the officer to give her parents and husband a lethal dose of drugs and give her kids just enough drugs to send them to the emergency room.

Court records show she was going to pay the fake hit man with jewelry and cash.  Some of the money was to come from insurance policies and the rest from a stash of cash hidden at her parents home and business.  "When you realize that the suspect is serious about carrying this out, you have to intervene at the first possible moment," said Snyder.  Moments after the undercover officer said Olsen made the deal and refused to back out, a team of surveillance officers swooped in and picked her up.

Neighbors say it's not the first time they've seen police there.  "She's got to be nuts up here," said her neighbor Ivan Davidson pointing to his head. "That's all I'm going to say.  There's something wrong with her, she's sick."  A lot of other neighbors agreed but were afraid to say it publicly.

Olsen's husband tells 7News that his kids are safe and have been staying with him for several months.