Here comes the Cavalry!

Lawton has been growing almost overnight and The Great Plains Coliseum is expanding, too.  Thanks to the new basketball team coming to town.  In July, the team announced it will be moving to Lawton, but it would need changes to be made to the Coliseum.  The outside will be getting a touch up, but the inside will be a mini-arena.  With the new look and the new team, The Great Plains Coliseum should draw in some big bucks.  The existing arena has old uncomfortable aluminum seats that aren't even made anymore and now, the building will boast about 1000 more seats in Cavalry royal blue.  The locker rooms are being renovated too, and suites will be added to the North Floor.

The first game is just around the corner, November 20th, so the county has got to get this building ready for game time.  With the joint effort between "The Cavalry" and the Coliseum, in just one year, 24 games are expected to bring in $200,000 of additional funding to the County Fairgrounds alone and hundreds of thousands to the community.  In a little over two months, the building is expected to be jumping with activity.  The buzz has already started for collectors looking for Cavalry memorabilia and people are already looking to buy tickets.  The office has been drowned with phone calls from people wanting details about the upcoming season.  Pool and others, are expecting this to put Lawton on the map in a bigger way.

Calvary President Otis Birdsong has been meeting with corporate sponsors for quite some time.  He recently met them for the first time and may have acquired a few more in the process and, he says, the team will certainly be involved with community organizations here in Texoma.  Birdsong says the modifications at the coliseum are just what the team and Lawton need and according to him Lawton entertainment seekers can't say there's nothing to do anymore.  Family and friends can go have a good time together and enrich the community in the process.