Troopers out in full force this weekend

Many Oklahomans have hit the roads for summer's last getaway weekend.  So has Oklahoma Highway Patrol.  During the 2006 Labor Day Holiday weekend, ten people died in Oklahoma and 309 were seriously injured.  Troopers are ready for all the holiday revelers and say they need to get the word out that their on patrol.  They say that every holiday weekend it seems that there are more and more rushed travelers, accidents and speeders.  The troopers advise you to wear your seatbelt and slow down as you're heading out of town this weekend.  "Were going to be out in full force looking for DUI's, seat belts, alcohol related things... we'll have extra troopers out working the roads in full force looking for these violations," said Trooper Nathan Mackey.

Mackey says extra manpower will be all throughout the state of Oklahoma.  "This weekend troopers will be out with "Operation CARE" which stands for combined accident reduction effort, what that means is we will have extra troopers out on the roads looking for violations," he said.  He says the hardest part of his job is when drivers don't listen to troopers' advice.  And, when someone is killed, the trooper has to go to the family and notify the next of kin that their loved one is dead.  "You never know when it's going to happen.  Nobody's invincible.  Everybody thinks it can't happen to them but it can," said Mackey.

"Operation CARE" started midnight Thursday night and runs through midnight Monday.  Troopers hope it will save lives this weekend.  If you need help this weekend while you're on the road, troopers say you can always dial *55 on your cell phone and be connected with a trooper.  Make sure and slow down, be safe and buckle up.