Laboring on Labor Day

If you Labored on Labor Day, you weren't alone.  While some were enjoying their Labor Day off, it was an average day for others in the workforce.  Labor Day was created in 1882 to give the hardworking a rest.  But, nowadays, heading to the job on this holiday is pretty commonplace.  The men and women of law enforcement, firefighters and hospital staff all call this a regular work day; just like any other day.

Most people who work on this holiday have gotten used to working on other holidays as well - and someone's got to do it.  Just because it's Labor Day doesn't mean the phone stops ringing.  7News had a chance to catch up with holiday workers to find out what they thought.  Nurses at the hospital were working hard to make the holiday more comfortable for their patients.  "It's not so bad, because when you walk into someone's room and their thankful to see you it makes it all the more special," said RN Dianna Westover.  She works at Comanche County Memorial hospital and said, "It's just like Christmas and any other holiday.  We really need to work, take good care of our people."

Firefighters were working hard, too.  Deputy Chief Rodriguez said Labor Day's not different for them.  "People still have emergencies and we have to respond to them so, we have to work and it's just another day," he said.  And, Chief Rodriguez gave a small history lesson, too; he said it was through all the hard work of unions that Labor Day was created back in the late 1800's.  "Labor Day's strange for fire unions and I guess police unions too because the day off that was fought for they don't get to recognize.  They still have to show up for work anyway," he said.

Even though some weren't working Monday, police officers were on duty and busy.  More people with the day off means more people on the road said Deputy Police Chief James Apple.   "In the role of a police officer ... it means that we do have additional duties, in the amount of people that are out on the road, that are off work," he said.

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer and some were able to savor the holiday.  For those who were laboring on Labor Day - there's always next year.