Speeder crackdown

Lawton Police Officers were working this Labor Day and drivers on Rogers Lane may have spotted those on duty who were making sure people were paying attention to their speedometers.  Lawton Police say accidents and speeding violations are usually up during holiday weekends and Monday they pulled over plenty of speeding drivers.

The operation was a team effort and they wanted to make sure drivers were enjoying a safe holiday.  Captain Jackie LaRoche uses a laser gun called a Liadar to pinpoint speeders and in most cases drivers don't realize they've been caught until they are well past the road.

Lawton Police say that it seems some drivers believe Rogers Lane is an extension of the highway since it connects I-44 to U.S. Highway 62.  They fail to realize it's a city street and there's way too much crossing traffic for people to safely drive more than 50 miles per hour.  LaRoche told 7News that a lot of times they just give warnings to make sure people are wearing their seatbelts

Although some may think that police are just looking for something to do, as one of those stopped told 7News, officers say there's a good reason behind this crackdown.  "Were trying to keep someone's holiday safe so we don't have to go to their loved one and tell them how they got killed out here," said LaRoche.