Gift of special bike for four year old

Four year old Braden Forrest of Lawton got a new bike today!  But, it's not any ordinary bike - it's an Amtryke.  This bike is crated to help youngsters with disabilities and it's courtesy of the Lawton Ambucs.  They got to see Braden riding his new bike at a special luncheon.

Braden suffers from epilepsy, a learning disability, delayed speech and some paralysis on his left side so is unable to ride a regular bike.  However the Amtryke is built for kids just like him; with it, he is able to pedal with his hands and feet.  "It will help him with his mobility, his stability, his coordination and pretty much ride like other kids do," said his mother, Barbara.  Branden has had to undergo two brain surgeries and will need another to keep his condition under control.

"He's had a really hard road," said Barbara.  "He's been fighting seizures left and right."  But, with his new ride, Barbara hopes that Braden will feel just like any other kid his age.  Thanks to his Therapists and Ambucs.  "They really pulled together to help Braden to get him to where he can fit in at school; where he wouldn't look so out of place," she said.

The Mountain Metro Ambucs is a group of young businessmen and women in Lawton whose mission it is to help those with disabilities.  Barbara and her husband Gabe Forrest are thankful for making the day so special for Braden.  His next surgery will be next month when he'll travel to Fort Worth for treatment at the Children's Medical Center.