Lawton drug bust

Police say a Wednesday drug bust in Lawton netted over $65,000 worth of cocaine and landed two people in jail.  The bust happened in the 1700 block of Oak right across the street from Liberty Lake Park.  Little did hundreds of park goers know, but a high level cocaine dealer was doing business just feet away from them.  LPD had been following up on a Crimestoppers tip that drugs were being sold and the police tactical team was called in to serve a no knock search warrant on the house.

A no knock warrant prevents suspects from being warned of police presence so they don't have time to arm themselves or dispose of evidence.  Police say that before the tactical team ever entered the house, a detective spotted the suspect leaving his car and stopped him a few blocks away.  Once back at the house and inside, officers said they found 229 grams of crack cocaine and 194 grams of powder cocaine.

According to Police, one of the accused is 31 year old Randy Young, Jr., was convicted of murdering a man outside a nightclub and had a history of violence even while he was in prison serving time.  It was 1993 when the murder occurred and Young was a juvenile at the time he was incarcerated.  Records show he was released from prison in April of last year.  "He deals in large volumes, he would sell to people who resell it, he wouldn't be selling to someone who wanted a 20 dollar rock," said Lieutenant Charles Whitis from the LPD.  Officers also arrested his girlfriend 27 year old Brandy Alexander, who had her young son with her, Wednesday morning.

It's all a shock to their landlord and to regular visitors of the park next door.  "They were just good people and she's just a sweet young lady and have kids, and nothing goes wrong and all of a sudden police all over the place," said the couple's landlord.  It was such a big surprise for many because of the appearance of the home.  It's nice and well kept; it doesn't really fit the stereotype of a drug house.

If convicted of trafficking cocaine, police say that Young could receive an even tougher sentence because of the amount of drugs, the fact that a child was there and there were children present in the nearby park.  So far, Young and Alexander have not been formally charged; it's expected to happen Thursday at the Comanche County Courthouse.